Early Permanence Quality Mark Fee Scale

The Quality Mark start up is supported by the DfE Practice Improvement Fund for 2017/18, on the basis of a sustainable self funding approach in its implementation.

Application to the EP Quality Mark for Assessment
Full Application Submission leading to the QM award by the moderation panel. £750 +VAT
Resubmission where gaps are identified by the moderation panel for a revised submission assessment (within 6 months) £400 +VAT
Renewal of the Quality Mark Award – every 3 years £400 +VAT
Working Towards the Early Permanence Quality Mark – this is where agencies are working towards the award and expect to submit a full application within 12 months.£400 +VAT
Fees cover the web enabled application process; the roles of convenor and moderation panels and evaluation and oversight on a self-funding non-profit basis.

Fees have been set at the lowest possible level and operate on a not-for-profit basis. Please note that fees are non-refundable.

For all queries, email: qualitymark@earlypermanence.org.uk

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